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CCBH Advisory Meeting

  Within the past year, Warren County residents who are on Medical Assistance were phased into a managed care program called Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH) for both mental health and Drug and Alcahol treatment.

  On November 7th, 2007, a representative from CCBH held an advisory meeting to hear what Consumers had to say about services that work, don’t work, or barriers that prevent Consumers from obtaining services.

   Transportation was discussed in depth with examples of Consumers having to walk a mile or more to get to where the services they need are located, due to lack of transportation, that is both available and affordable.  Many Consumers have very limited funds available to them, so they often can’t afford the fee for a round trip bus ride, to get to and from appointments and the local drop-in center, so they either walk or don’t utilize services for a multitude of reasons relating to transportation and how the various weather conditions factor in along with finances.

  Consumers were introduced to what a Consumer Satisfaction Team is and what they do.  It is a new concept in my area, but it sounded like something I could possibly do if I were teamed with someone else.  The CSTs go around takin surveys from Consumers about services they receive, like, don’t like … etc.  A sign-up sheet was passed around for people interested in becoming a CST to sign-up.  I signed up and hop i works out and it is something I am able to do.  My neighbor and close friend also signed up, so we’re hoping they will allow us to work as a team on this since we work well together.

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