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FYI – Update for Adobe Acrobat Reader

I know I’ve posted a number of PDF files here, so I thought I would let folks know about version 9 that is available at …. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html 

I debated over whether to upgrade o not, but am glad I did, because version 9 loads probably twice as fast as the last version did, and they have started a new thing where you can store, share and create pdf files online for free.  if you go to http://www.acrobat.com you can get more details on this cool free feature.

For those of you that are wondering if I get some kind of kickback for posting this info, I can assure you I don’t get anything for it, and am posting this as a sort of public service announcement as a courtesy to folks who want faster access to the PDF files I post here.

Democratic Party Values

Here’s some info about the Democratic Party also from a California website with a link at the end.  As before with the other parties, I do not feel this is a comprehensive list of value held by the party, but it seems to be a good starting point.


With Iraq in a quagmire and the economy hurting, led by the housing crisis, America needs change.

After our primary, Democrats and Independents must rally around our nominee to ensure the change we need.

Democrats have long fought to create a vibrant economy, improve education, ensure public safety and national security, expand access to health care, and help the struggling middle class.

Democratic accomplishments and priorities under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi include:

First minimum wage increase in 10 years

Education reform to ensure America leads the world in research and technology

A military pay raise

New quality care standards for wounded troops and veterans

Tough rules to establish highest ethical standards in Congressional history

By electing a Democrat to the White House and Democrats to Congress, we will continue fighting for:

Responsible economic stimulation and job security for working Americans

A woman’s right to choose

Protection of Social Security and Medicare

An end to the war in Iraq

Greater energy independence

Voter Information Guide.

American Independant Party Values

  Here’s info on the values held by the American Independant Party taken word for word from a California website.  A link to the originating website is at the end of the post.  I don’t consider this to be a comprehensive statement on what defines the values of the independant party, but I do feel it is a starting point.


The American Independent Party is the party of ordered liberty in a nation under God. We believe in strict adherence to written law. We believe the Constitution is the contract America has with itself. Its willful distortion has led to the violation of our Tenth-Amendment-guaranteed right to limited government—which inevitably requires oppressive taxation. Its application will lift that burden.

Freed from the lawless oppression of Liberal rule we may then compassionately and justly use our energy and ingenuity to provide for ourselves and our families. We will then establish truly free and responsible enterprise and reassert the basic human right to property.

We believe in protecting all human life however weak, defenseless, or disheartened; endorse the family as the essential bulwark of liberty, compassion, responsibility, and industry; and declare the family’s right and responsibility to nurture, discipline, and educate their children.

We assert the absolute, concurrent Second-Amendment-guaranteed right of individuals to self-defense coupled with a strong common defense, a common defense which requires a national sovereignty not damaged by imprudent treaties. We oppose all illegal immigration. We support secure borders and immigration policies that invite the best of the world to join us in freedom.

Voter Information Guide.

Republican Party Values

  The following info was pulled from a California state website, but it seems to sum up what the Republican Party holds as values.  I modified the text so it would be broader and not specific to California, otherwise the text remains in its original language.  I don’t feel this is a comprehensive list of what the Republican Party stands for, but it is a starting point.


  The Republican Party is committed to improving our quality of life. We’re working to achieve this by creating jobs, improving schools, keeping communities safe, and improving health care and environment.

Top Priorities:

Promoting an economy that creates new job opportunitiess

Improving education and health care systems to improve our quality of life

Protecting taxpayers by limiting taxes and forcing government to live within its means

Voter Information Guide.

Probe focuses on outpatient services at Western Psych

  Just discovered this article today, but I felt that it was somethig that needed to be posted, in case anyone has attempted to get a referral to Western Psych andbeen refused recently. 

Probe focuses on outpatient services at Western Psych

Friday, August 01, 2008

By Joe Fahy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Community mental health care provided to some adults by the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic is the target of a state-ordered probe that includes a temporary halt on new referrals to those services.

Western Psych expects to lose 12 to 15 referrals a week until the moratorium is lifted, said Dr. Claudia Roth, the agency’s president. The referrals are being directed to other service providers.

Concerned about a series of deaths or other serious events involving local residents with mental illness, some of whom received care from Western Psych, the state announced the moratorium last week, saying the suspension would allow time for officials to conduct a review of agency services and procedures. Officials have since provided more details about the moratorium and the review.

Dr. Roth said Western Psych, part of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, is providing information requested by the state as quickly as possible.

Joan Erney, deputy secretary for the state Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, declined to speculate on when the moratorium might end, but said she did not expect it to last for a lengthy period.

The temporary ban applies to new referrals to community treatment teams and to specific case management services — Intensive C

Probe focuses on outpatient services at Western Psych.

New Page

I’ve started working on a new page for the blog entitled “Voting” it can be found by clicking on Voting in the list of pages to the right or at the top of the page, in addition to clicking here.

I have a very basic barebones kind of understanding of what it means to vote in regards to knowing what the various parties stand on in terms of core values/principles.  I’m working with Rachel Freund of PMHCA who is spearheading a push to encourage more Consumers in PA to get involved in thew political process, and above all, get out there and vote so our voice can be heard in the political realm.  As I learn more from both my own research, and from what I learn through Rachel and her efforts, I will be sharing those things here in this blog.  I have been doing some activist type things in trying to encourage representatives to vote for  hb1448 and hb 2253, or to have folks thank them for their support if they are already supporting them.  I’ve also been encouraging folks to get out and vote, and as I began encouraging others, I discovered there is a lot more to voting then casting a vote, there is research needed to understand what candidates and their parties stand for, there is a whole language that I hear in the media, but really don’t understand, and above all, there is the idea that I need to do what I ask others to do.  So, While I learn and walk the talk, I hope others will benefit from my posts I will be doin here about voting or political language. and stances.

Please visit the page entitled “Voting” to see what links I’ve dugup or in some cases have received from Rachel Freund of PMHCA.

“Voting Rights of Convicted Felons, Convicted Misdemeanants and Pretrial Detainees” [in PA]

Special thanks to Rachel Freund of PMHCA who submitted this document on the voting rights of folks with criminal histories.  I learned a lot from it, and hope others are able to learn from it as well.

It was made available by “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State – Edward G. Rendell, Governor – Pedro A. Cortés, Secretary of the Commonwealth www.dos.state.pa.us

This document is in PDF format so if you don’t have it already, you’ll need to install adobe acrobat reader (which is free) to view it.  The latest version of Adobe can be found at … http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Here’s the PDF file convicted_felon_brochure as described above.

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