“Silent Witnesses” [WSH cemetary rededication]

I found this in todays edition of the Warren Times-Observer, it discusses a rededication ceremony to be held on Sept 26th in memory of folks wo died and were buried in a cemetary on Warren State Hospital grounds.  The original artical in is original format can be found at … http://www.timesobserver.com/page/content.detail/id/506277.html 

Silent Witnesses


Rededication set for WSH cemetery

By CHUCK HAYES chayes@timesobserver.com

There will be 954 silent witnesses.

A rededication ceremony has been scheduled for the 127-year-old Warren State Hospital cemetery which state hospital employees and volunteers have been restoring during the past two years.

The cemetery, with 954 gravesites, is located along the north side of Jackson Run Rd. in North Warren, on a hillside near the state hospital and what is now Lowe’s at the Warren Commons.

The cemetery was overgrown and virtually forgotten until September 2006 when the state hospital established a Cemetery Restoration Committee.

Committee members did a substantial amount of research of state hospital archives to locate and identify each of the gravesites, most of which only had obscured numbered ground-level markers and no names or dates.

Fewer than a dozen of the graves had an appropriate headstone.

Records indicate the first burial at the cemetery took place in 1881. David Kucherawy, CEO at the hospital, said that in addition to the state hospital employees, approximately 50 volunteers from the public and an Eagle Scout were involved in the restoration project.

Kucherawy said that the hospital also worked with the Warren County Jail and probation department to enlist the help of persons fulfilling community service requirements.

Although the volunteers wanted to restore the cemetery to as close to its original appearance as possible, Kucherawy said that no photographs of the original cemetery could be located. The volunteers reconstructed pathways, the entrance to the cemetery and landscaping.

A rededication ceremony, which is open the public, will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 26. Due to limited parking at the cemetery, shuttle service will be available from the Lowe’s parking lot, beginning at 9:45 a.m.

Nameplates are still being engraved, but by the time of the rededication ceremony, said Kucherawy, each of the gravesites will have a headstone with namesplates, which will include the dates of birth and death.

Funding for the headstones and nameplates came from donations from volunteers and the public and the hospital’s operating fund.



  1. I’ll do what I can, I don’t know exactly how big the cemetary is I’m guessing not very big, but it would take a little time to find the right stone. I don’t mind trying, but can’t promise a find. I have a digital camera so it won’t cost me anything to take the pic if I do find the right stone and I can email it to you, which also won’t cost me anything, so I won’t ask for any compensation for the pics.

  2. I live about 15 to 20 minutes from the Cemetary, but I don’t know what condition the entrance is in in regards to being able to be entered in the winter. If we get a warm spell, I’ll see if I can get up there and get pictures of the cemetary and some of the stones, but it may not be until spring. Remind me once in awhile about it though and I’ll check and see what I can do about getting in there to take some pics. I’m not sure if they will be plowing the entrance to it or not, so if it isn’t plowed, then it’ll be spring time before I can get in there. I’ve got arthritis in my lower back and climbing snow piles isn’t one of my strengths ….. 10 years ago I might have considered it, but I was a little wilder back then 🙂

  3. If you have pictures of the pts. that were at WSH, I would like to obtain one of George W. Lyons that died there 11-1904.
    thank you

  4. If there are or will be available pictures of the restored headstones; I would love to have a picture of my ggg grandmother’s- Mary A. Pulse headstone.

  5. My ggg grandmother- Mary Pulse is buried there. I am glad to hear that someone cares about folks finally resting in peace.

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