Safelink – Free cell phone

Before you write this off as a scam, it isn’t, I looked into it for myself and learned it is indeed a free program available to most people who qualify for food stamps or have an income of less than $26,000 per year.  The program is through a joint effort of the federal government and Tracfone.  They offer a free cell phone and free airtime each month.  If you should need more airtime then what they offer, you can buy more minutes to add to your phone by purchasing Tracfone cards.  depending on which plan you choose, unused minutes will rollover into the next month so if you don’t use all your time you won’t lose any minutes you don’t use, they will be added to the next month.

The downfall is that while it is available in Pennsylvania, it isn’t available in all parts of Pennsylvania.  I live in a rural area and it isn’t available in my area yet, but they plan on expanding the program over time.

If you think you might qualify or want mor information here’s how to get it …

Call: 1-800-Safelink (1-800-723-3546)

Visit: The Safelink website

** Note: Post updated on 8/29/2012 due to a nasty typo on my part, many thanks to the reader who brought the phone number issue to my attention!  My most sincere apologies to anyone who dialed the number on this post prior to the date of the update **


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