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Money Monday: Coupons

Before you ask, yes, I hate sitting down to clip coupons, but I find that they really can save me money so I suffer through the tedious task of finding them and clipping them.

Some things I do with my coupons that help stretch my money a little further include the following …..

  • Use coupons to buy items that are on sale
  • find out if your favorite store doubles coupons and whether its everyday or just on certain days.  getting coupons doubled changes what could be say 50 cents off into  $1 off on an item.
  • If a manufacturer’s coupon says “X amount off on Any Size” look for items that fit in that price range and you can sometimes get items for free or close to it.
  • Always carry your coupons if you go out shopping … you never know when you’ll find something on sale that you have a coupon for.

Where to get coupons …

  • Most newspapers have at least one paper a week that contains flyers and coupons.  Often this will be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday hunt down these papers they can be a goldmine for coupons.
  • If you have access to a printer, try http://www.coupons.com you can select and print as many or as few coupons as you want.
  • Find several friends to swap coupons with, maybe get together on a Saturday or Sunday to clip coupons together make sure everyone brings any coupons they can get their hands on then after you’ve clipped them out you can swap with each other so that everyone has a better chance of getting more coupons they can use and sharing what they aren’t able to.  This can not only save you money, but can be a social thing as well.
  • If you get too many coupons and need to get rid of some … try offering them on Freecycle go to http://www.freecycle.org find a group in your local area and then offer your unwanted coupons to others it won’t cost you anything and you can either mail them to the person who wants them or have them pick them up…. this is a great way to keep a lot of useable items out of the landfills. in the case of coupons make sure that what you are offering hasn’t expired because folks won’t appreciate getting expired coupons even if they are free.

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