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Pharmacy Choice article responding to the announced closure of ASH

I found this article which is unique in some ways, because it includes the a perspective often overlooked in these situations, not only the perspective of the employees, but also there is mention of what impact this is having on the patients.  Something I hope to get a better picture of as time goes on.

Here’s the link to the full article that I got the excerpt included below from …. http://www.pharmacychoice.com/News/article.cfm?Article_ID=528130

“I think it’s a mistake,” said state Rep. Doug Reichley, R-Lehigh. “It’s endangering the patients and it’s creating an imposition for the families of the patients who will be displaced.”

Reichley said there are “a lot of spin-off effects” from the closing. They include the yet-to-be settled fates of the more than 300 employees who work at the hospital.

Rich Robbins, a 28-year-veteran of the hospital who’s not sure where he’ll end up working, said he’s most concerned about families who might have to drive long distances to visit loved ones at Wernersville. He called state hospitals “a necessary evil.”

“The patients, they’ve been hearing the same rumors we’ve been hearing,” the East Allen Township resident said. “They’re sad. They don’t know what’s going to happen to them.”

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