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“Hoeffel Disturbed by DPW SSI Cuts; Urges DPW To Reconsider Changes & Calls for Public Hearings”


This link takes you to a page on Joe Hoeffel’s website where he is calling for public hearings for those effected by the recent cost of living decrease to be able to voice their views and perspective surrounding the cut.

“Budget cuts victimize the disabled”

This article excerpt found in the January 26, 2010 Philly Daily News and can be read in full at this address …. http://www.philly.com/dailynews/opinion/20100126_Budget_cuts_victimize_the_disabled.html

“If $5 and $10 cuts don’t seem like much, consider this: People who are “totally and permanently disabled” – physically unable to work at all – get no more than about $700 a month in federal SSI payments, and many get less. (That’s at least $2,430 lower than the federal poverty line of $10,830 a year for an individual.) In that world, $5 means a lot – the copay on necessary drugs, for example, or the last few dollars for the electric bill or the rent.”

Digging in progress ….

While the posts kind of tapered a bit, rest assured it doesn’ty mean I stopped working.  I had to take care of a project I have been dedicated to for sometime that is very personal to me, so I put every aspect of my life on hold for a day to work on what was needed for it.  I am currently drowning in email, because I took a day off, but I’m working my way through it hunting for those gems of info that I can offer to you my readers.  It’s a slow process, because I screen every email myself and often will find things that don’t directly help, but offer other views I might not have seen otherwise, so sometimes the side trips are great othertimes I find myself wondering why I bothered, but despite the rollercoaster I’m on I did want you to know I’m getting back to sorting links and emails in serch of those items that seem to say it all … or at least a lot and offer a broader picture of what is happening.

Right now though, my brain is feeling mushy from all the digging, so I’m going to go get some rest and will be back to digging when I wakeup in a few hours or so.  Yes even a geek like me needs to sleep once in awhile 🙂

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