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“Catching up with Harrisburg State Hospital closure”

I found this little writeup about halfway down the page of “The Sentinel Online” at the following address … http://www.cumberlink.com/articles/2010/02/15/news/local/doc4b792d958e73c880207766.txt

it was kind of neat to see this, because it seems like there is tons of information flying around during the closing of a state hospital, but then after it is completely closed the area becomes almost a blackhole interms of any updates on how things have changed for the area effected by the closure.  With Mayview which I followed I still come across land  re-use type articles, but have heard next to nothing abut how services for mental health consumers in the area have been impacted.  Have they improved, stagnated or gotten worse?  How are folks who were at Mayview and discharged to the community doing?  these were hot topics of discussion beofre the closing, but now I am lucky to find anything even remotely resembling an update.  It was good to see that someone took a moment to give a brief update on how the closure of Harrisburg State Hospital has effected Cumberland and Perry Counties.

Catching up with Harrisburg State Hospital closure

The closing of Harrisburg State Hospital four years ago was the “single biggest positive contributor” to local mental health service enhancements that Cumberland and Perry counties have ever experienced, according to Silvia Herman.

“We were able to develop new programs and expand programs that we had started from 2000 to 2005 that were effective in supporting individuals in their recovery journeys,” the director of Cumberland/Perry Mental Health and Mental Retardation said last week. “These programs focus on individuals receiving services and support in their communities, decreasing the need for inpatient treatment in a state hospital setting.”

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