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“Leadership Changes at OMHSAS”


The above link showed up in one of my many Google Alerts, and I thought it might be worth passing along to give folks an idea of what kind of changes are occurring within OMHSAS.   The site is dated April 22, 2010 and is pretty brief but does give a nice overview of who is where in OMHSAS with Joan Erney stepping down it seems to have caused a bi of a domino effect with regards to positions.  Though I sould say not all positions were effected because of Joan Erney stepping down, there were others who stepped down as well which contributed to what kind of makes me think of calling this the OMHSAS shuffle.  No disrespect intended with that I just pictured this choreographed dance occurring as I read through the run down of who is going to be in what position and if it is an acting role or a permanent one.  One of the hazzards of having a mind that conjurs images of everything I read I guess 🙂

Social Security going green


The above link will take you to an article that was in the Washington Post on April 22, 2010.  It is something the folks receiving Social Security should be aware of.  While the article indicates primarily new recipients will be receiving their benefits electronically, it is something that I suspect that everyone will be effected by eventually.

“The Treasury Department is making a big push to go green — and save a lot of green — by switching millions of people who receive Social Security and other federal benefits from paper checks to electronic payments.” – Washington Post April 22, 2010

“Dangerous, Crazy, Disabled”

“Dangerous, Crazy, Disabled” that is the title of a blog entry that just brought tears to my eyes as I read it.  Not because it was hurtful, but because I felt like there was one more person in the world who is trying to understand folks with mental illnesses.  The writer of the blog entry I read talks about who judgemental and often harsh they had been in their views of folks with mental illnesses, but that because of being diagnosed with a mental illness themself and pretty much being put in a position where they had no choice but to be exposed to others with mental illnesses, they discovered that many of their views were wrong.

I loved this post and I’m not usually one that could be considered to be a “touchy feely” kind of person, but this is one blogger I would like to offer a hug to, not just because they changed their thinking, but also to let them know thattheir honesty and openness was not only gutsy in many ways, but much appreciated.

I hope they continue on their journey through recovery and that others who might hold similar judgemental views as what this blogger once had might read their post and realize that they do have a choice in how they view those with mental illnesses and that by choosing to be judgmental, they could be risking their life or the life of a loved one as was pointed out by the blogger who brought tears to my eyes.

If you want to read the blog entry that inspired this post, please go to ….


Off topic update …

Taking a break, I cleaned up several pages, and feel like I should step back from it for a bit so I’m going to grab sme dinner and see if that improves the haze I seem to have been swallowed by.  Hopefully will get back to work on this later tonight, but it might nt be until tomorrow.  have a couple other things I need to take care of today so I’m feeling a little torn between this and some other projects.  Let’s see what dinner does to my perspective might clear my head a bit sometimes when I do a lot with links, I feel like I get into an information overload almost and taking a step back is probably my healthier choice. 

I can say I haven’t done any consolidating, I was mainly focusing on cleaning out dead links, but I only made it through about half the pages so I haven’t finished that phase yet.  Consolidatig will happen after I clean house a bit.  Then I may even add some new links but that’s a little ways off right now and I feel like I’m putting the cart ahead of the horse with that idea so for now it will be food then decide which project is ost important after I eat.


Off topic but pertains to this blog :)

As one of my readers kindly pointed out I have a BUNCH of broken links here, so I just thought you might like t know that today I am going to attempt to stay focused on a single project long enough to clean up the links found in the various pages here and also with any luck I’ll find ways to maybe consolidate pages and eliminae some of the clutter at the top of the blog.

I have a personal site where I’ve been starting to gather links and information about the history of the mental health system among other odds and ends kinds of things, I will be placing a link to the mental health section of my site and also the state hospital history section as well, my site is an ever evolving work in progress so it is far from complete but there might be something that catches your attention there, though I don’t make any guarantees on that one 🙂

So if you visit this anytime between the time of this post and the time I post indicating my brain has turned to mush from thinking of ways to make things a little better for everyone here, chances are that things may disappear from the pages or get moved around I appollogize for the construction, but look at  it this way it’s a sign of life from my end and hopefully will prove to be beneficial … at least thats’ my hope 🙂

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while I most likely create a disaster in order to organize thngs a bit.

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