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“State to be paid $505,505 for Mayview”


In the June 3, 2010 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is an article indicating that the property and building formerly the location of Mayview State Hospital is being purchased for $505,505.

While the amount is disappointing, there has been legislation signed that will indicates that the amount left after the State recovers it’s costs for maintaining the property since the closure, that the remaining amount will be split 50/50 betwenn the Mental Health and Mental Retardation budgets for the ares that were serviced by Mayview. 

The article describes things in more detail, but that should give you an idea of what is happening.

I’m pleased about where the proceeds will be going, but feel like the devaluing due to asbestos in the buildings, in many ways short changed the programs that would be benefiting from the money.  Still though I don’t feel it is a complete loss, things could have gone much differently then they did and something is generally better then nothing when it comes to money in my mind.

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