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“Forensic Unit at Warren State Hospital closing”


The following article was found in the Warren Times Observer on August 3, 2010 regarding the closing of the Forensic Unit at Warren State Hospital (WSH) and until they remove it from their site, can be found at the link above in it’s original format.

Forensic Unit at Warren State Hospital closing

POSTED: August 3, 2010
The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare confirmed on Tuesday that the Forensic Unit at Warren State Hospital will close in October.
The 25 patients in the Forensic Unit will be transferred to Torrance State Hospital.
Michael Race, press secretary for the DPW said, “This should not be seen as some sort of harbinger of any closure of this hospital itself.” He added that the closure will result in an annual reduction in costs of $2.3 million
The jobs of 41 employees will be affected by the closure.

“Rapp Declares Governor’s Budget Bailout Scheme to Close Warren State Hospital Forensics Unit Absolutely Insane”


I received an email today, August 3, 2010 from Rep. Kathy Rapp indicating that Governor Rendell has plans to close the Forensics unit at Warren State Hospital on October 31.  The above link will take you to the page on Rep. Kathy Rapp’s website.

I will be following this closely and will post wjhat I find here.

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