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I just thought since I am scrounging for things to post and running into brick walls I would take a moment to write something that really has little point other then to let you know I’m still here and haven’t abandoned you.  I think that knowing the weather is nice but will soon be shifting to fall then the dreaded winter season and I find myself wanting to be outside more.  Until recently I was pretty much having to choose between my computer and the outside world.  I just got a netbook, so now I can have the outside and my computer so all is better in my world choices are simpler now.

I love being outside, but in a lot of ways being outside is tough for me if I don’t have something to do or a purpose for being there.  It has to do with the severe panic attacks and if I don’t have something occupying me, I seem to be more apt to get into a mode where I am overly aware of my surroundings and experience a sort of overload because of all the things I detect with my senses hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling … etc.  outside of my home I run a risk of an overload that would result in panic attacks.  Tippy who I’ve mentioned before is a psychiatric service dog who is trained to assist me with not only preventing a full blown panic attack, but also helping me work through them quicker should I have one.  She is trained to do other things as well, but that is kind of a main thing.  Shopping for food was next to impossible before I got her, and now I am able to go to the store without having to listen to music and all but sprint through the store.  I actually enjoy shopping for the first time in my life, I still can’t stay in a store for very long, but I’m generally able to go in and wander at a more relaxed pace without doing a mad dash through the store hoping I don’t forget anything, which use to be the norm since I was so focused on getting out of the store faster then I got into it. 

At any rate, I’m rambling really bad I guess the point to this nothing important post is that I got a new toy that should help me to not have to choose between outside and my computer quite so much.  So, at least in theory I’ll maybe thwart off my vitamin D deficiency a little better by getting some sun and still be able to do things like dig for info for posting her or any of the many other research type things I do online.  I’m always asking questions and most people I know don’t have answers to them, so I resort to digging online for possible answers.  One dear friend told me that she views  me as being “quite the detective” when it comes to some of the things I uncover in my quest for information.  This blog was started in part because of my hunger for learning, so really by sharing information, in a sense you are helping me while I hopefully help you.  I get to learn and well, my hope is that my readers benefit from my digging.  I just need to work on being more consistent…. that’s been a lifelong struggle that I’m not real sure how to correct, but that in it self is a whole different blog entry I’ll leave for another day.  For now just know that I haven’t abandonded the blog, but have just been pulled in different directions but I may have simplified the choices a bit which I hope will benefit this blog.  Time will tell as I get things setup the way I need them on the netbook  and don’t feel like I’m experimenting all the time with it, things should get smoother … it’s just a matter of making it feel like “my” computer as opposed to a one size fits all system…. kind of like wearing my own shoes as opposed to someone elses … they may be the same size, but they just aren’t broke in the same as mine are…. computers are kind of the same as shoes for me in that sense.  I know my computer inside out and backwards, but flounder when I try to use someone else’s even though it has the same OS as mine … it’s strange, but that is yet another topic for another day.

As I end this, I hope you have a great day and take some time to enjoy the warm weather while you can, the nice weather is winding down here in Pennsylvania and soon I will pry be talking about the dreaded “s” word and how I hate to shovel … so now I’ve got a netbook I can blog from my porch or other place and enjy the weather while hoping you take time to do the same.

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