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I just wanted to remind folks, to check out my page here on Voting it has some resources I’ve collected to aid in understanding what to some is the overwhelming realm of politics … it can be a daunting task to try to understand what is going on in the political realm, but there are sites that can help make it at least a bit easier to understand and hopefully find ways that each of us can better engage ourselves in the political process.

I have my personal preferences when it comes to voting, but here on this blog, I am doing everything I can to include as many views as I can without allowing my own biases to lead others.  I would rather see people take information, weigh it out and then decide what they feel they can stand up for.  My goal is to relay information not dictate.  The choice is yours do with it as you will.

DVC calls for ‘performance audit’

The following was emailed to me from someone involved with the Disability Voting Coalition of PA it is information that needs attention by DVC members prior to the Monthly Organizer Call I posted about recently that is coming up on October 20, 2010.  Also remember that membership with the Disability Voting Coalition is free and more information can be found at … http://www.dvcpa.org/

The file that was attached to the email can be found here ….  DVC_Auditor_General_Letter ( Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to view this file it is free)

The Disability Voting Coalition believes it is time to ask Auditor General Jack Wagner to conduct a “Performance Audit” of Pennsylvania’s compliance with the voter registration requirements of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

We need your support.

Follow the links in the attached letter ( DVC_Auditor_General_Letter ) to join our coalition of groups asking for this Performance Audit.

Please act before Wednesday, October 20th so that we can include your organization’s name in the request to Auditor General Wagner.

The Disability Voting Coalition has been tracking Pennsylvania’s performance under the NVRA.  The NVRA requires Pennsylvania to regularly offer voter registration opportunities to the all individuals served by state-funded disability service agencies, agencies providing aging-related services, public assistance benefits and others.   You can go to our website www.DVCPA.org and see the 4 year summary, county by county.

We believe there is evidence that vulnerable people with limited access to voter registration services are not getting voter registration services required by the NVRA.

A Performance Audit could answer whether voter registration services are actually missing in the majority of the state (as the data would suggest), or if they’re happening but not being reported.

Together we can strengthen our community – help us create a loud political voice! Please add your organization to the list of supporters.

Legislative Detail: PA Senate Bill 699 – 2009-2010 Regular Session | eLobbyist

Legislative Detail: PA Senate Bill 699 – 2009-2010 Regular Session | eLobbyist.

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