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Allentown State Hospital closure: Allentown State Hospital closure – mcall.com

Allentown State Hospital closure: Allentown State Hospital closure – mcall.com.

The above link wil take you to n article in the Morning Call talking about the day Allentown State Hospital’s doors were locked for the final time.  The article was in the December 15, 2010 edition.

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  1. This was another sad and depressing day for people with disabilities in our state.

    What this article doesn’t tell you is that more than a third of the people served at Allentown were transferred to other state hospitals. Add to this the number of people who were transferred during the closures of Harrisburg and Mayview you have more than 150 people whose “Recovery” has been put on hold while state Bureaucrats pull our system of care apart. Also, if you read the whole article you will see that only $14 million, of the $35 million used to operate the hospital went toward community services. People with disabilities in the Lehigh Valley were grossly short changed thanks to an absence of influence and advocacy by the Lehigh and Northampton County’s MH leadership. Why wouldn’t they get everyone out? It could have been done had more people in leadership positions cared. The Lehigh Valley will never have this opportunity again.

    Finally, OMHSAS needs to to update its Vision State to read “As long as it doesn’t cost the state too much or take too long … Every individual served by the Mental Health
    and Substance Abuse Service system will have
    the opportunity for growth, recovery and
    inclusion in their community, have access to
    culturally competent services and supports of
    their choice, and enjoy a quality of life that
    includes family and friends. ”

    It is way past due for this group in Harrisburg to “Move-On”!

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