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Money Monday … Reading for le$$

Reading can be a great way to learn new things, or simply kick back and relax, but sometimes the cost can get between me an a book I want, so I’ve been looking at ways I can read more but not go broke in the process.

I recently got myself a Kindle from Amazon.com, and have found that there are so many books available that are free or very inexpensive for my kindle, that I’m reading a lot more then I had been.

The initial cost of the Kindle is a little pricey, but there are other options if you can’t afford to buy a Kindle.  Amazon offers Free Kindle Reading Apps that allow you to read Kindle books  on a variety of devices including computers, blackberry, Android, iPad and others.

For those not into technological gadgets, there are places you can get “real” books at low prices, here’s a few places I’ve bought books in the past.

  • BetterWorldBooks they collect used books, and then sell them at a reasonable price. They also give a portion of what is paid for each book to help with literacy programs around the world, and offer free shipping.
  • Public Libraries sometimes sell books to help with their expenses
  • Yard sales … I’ve gotten books at yard sales for almost nothing…. of course right now there aren’t many yard sales but come spring it is something you could find more abundantly
  • Auctions I got a garbage bag full of books for $2 one time at an estate auction.  It was a grab bag and I didn’t really know what was in the bag other then it had books in it, but it was a fun way to get some books.
  • OpenLibrary is a great online resource for free ebooks
  • Google Books is great for older books and publications


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