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Top two questions I receive

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I get asked questions by my readers from time to time, some questions I can answer, but most of the time I’m at a loss for information so I will refer folks to other sources.  Some of the common questions I am asked include …

  1. Where can I find information about a relative that was a patient in a given facility?
    1. This is a tough one, because of privacy laws, regulations, and simply the fact that records may or may not still exist depending on the time period,  it can be challenging to get this information. While I haven’t personally attempted to get such information myself, there are others who have tried to do this and one resource I commonly refer folks to is  http://kirkbridebuildings.com there is an active forum there  that includes a section discussing ways to find information about former patients  it’s a decent starting point and the people there are good about answering questions.
    2. Another good starting point if you are looking for information about a facility is … http://www.asylumprojects.org they include information about facilities around the world so it’s a nice place to start learning about facilities.
  2. Trainings are something else I get asked about
    1. To be honest, unless someone sends me information about a specific training, I’m pretty clueless.  I do occasionally stumble across information on my own about training, but this is a rare occurrence.
    2. If you know about an upcoming training please feel free to let me know about it and I will do what I can to get it posted especially when it comes to things like Peer Specialist Training or other training geared to help folks with mental illnesses become more empowered.
    3. Also if you see someone asking about training in the comments, and you have information that might help them find it, feel free to share what you know because it might be the key piece of info someone else needs.  Networking is a great tool  🙂

I enjoy hearing the thoughts, comments and questions folks present to me here, they help keep me on my toes.  No matter what you think your question rates as, please feel free to ask, because sometimes I get the most inspiration from the questions that seem off the beaten path or that some may view as irrelevant.  Believe me, I’ve asked questions that to me seemed rather lame, but then as I dug for answers, I realized I wasn’t the only one asking those questions.  Sometimes questions will breed more questions and further discussion, or in the case of this blog, they may give me an idea of something else to be on the lookout for in terms of topics.

As a final note I just want to remind you that I do moderate all the comments that you see on here, mainly I’m weeding out the spam type stuff, and making sure that folks are being respectful, but it’s safe to say that the majority of the comments submitted make it past me to the blog.  Don’t let the moderation scare you though I’m not trying to censor discussions, just help cut down on the spam that my readers have to wade through.

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