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“Keeping Chronic Mental Illness From Becoming a Criminal Offense”


This is a blog entry I found that was posted on February 11, 2011 on a blog called “Taking Note”  the piece describes some of the problems and benefits of mental health courts.

“Explaining Pa. law on psychiatric evaluations” – pottsmerc.com

Explaining Pa. law on psychiatric evaluations – pottsmerc.com.

The link above will take you to a piece published on the February 17, 2011 website for, “The Mercury” out of Pottstown, PA.  The article gives a brief general overview of what current PA laws are in place and how they function when it comes to involuntary inpatient mental health treatment.

“Mental Health Patients slip through Cracks”


The above link will take you to a lengthy, but VERY informative article that covers some of the history of Community Based Mental Health Services and also explains a little about how folks with mental health issues end up falling through cracks.

The article was published on February 13, 2011 on the Philly Tribune website

As I said it is lengthy, but is definitely worth reading.

I’m working on the blog

Just a few of the things I’m working on here today …

  • Cleaned up and am now adding agencies/organizations to the PA Organization page
  • Wading through my email looking for leads of possible items to blog about
  • Last but not least writing this entry so folks know I’m doing something with the blog

There may be other things I look at on here and will update this post if I start wandering into other areas of the blog for the purpose of cleaning them up or adding new stuff.


P.S. comments are disabled for this individual post which is unusual for me to do, but I felt like it was appropriate this time since it isn’t a typical post here.

Poll: If you are not registered to vote…

Please feel free to add your own reason for not being registered to vote if you don’t see one listed that applies to you.

Poll: Are you registered to vote?

All my polls allow you to add your own response, so if you look at any of my polls and don’t see a response that fits your situation, please feel free to add it, since I can’t think of every possible response on my own, I do want to know what folks who read my blog think about the things I ask about.  The polls help me feel a little more connected to my readers in some ways I just ask that you are honest in your responses 🙂

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