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“State budget cuts decimate mental health services”


This article found on Yahoo! News from Associated Press, talks about the effects of budget cuts across the country for mental health services.

I posted this article just so folks can see it isn’t just Pennsylvania having trouble, while I do realize many folks realize that I also know that it isn’t hard to get so focused on what is happening in my own area that I sometimes forget that the same thing is happening elsewhere, and I figure that others like myself could use a reminder about how far these cuts stretch across the country beyond the borders of Pennsylvania.

Money Monday

Here’s some links to sites that may help stretch your dollars just a little bit further

  • ThredUP.com
    • offers free membership, and allow Moms (I assume they would welcome Dads as well) to pick boxes of kids clothes for $5 a box + $10.95 for shipping.  You can also offer boxes of kids clothes for other people to pick so it allows you a way to swap kid clothing without having to transport it to another location.  It’s all handled by mail.
  • FreeCycle.org
    • Freecycle offers localized groups across the US where folks post items they want to get rid of  in an email group, then others in the group who are interested in the item can arrange to pick up the item.  The person posting pays nothing to post and the person acquiring the items pays nothing to get the item … everything must be completely free of charge to both parties.  Great way to eliminate clutter or find some cool item you have been looking for.
  • BetterWorldBooks.com
    • Great place to find used books at a low cost, they offer free standard shipping, and have a huge bargain bin area.  I got a hardcover book through them and paid $4.02 for it from the bargain bin.  In addition to buying and selling used books, it’s also possible to buy and sell textbooks through them as well.  They also give a portion of their earnings to help promote and encourage kids to learn to read around the world in addition to being an environmentally conscious business so everyone wins with this one.
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