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“Petrarca successfully fights closing of forensic psychiatric unit at Torrance State Hospital”


This one was news to me, I wasn’t aware of the possibility that the forensic unit at Torrance was being considered for closure.   but the above link is to a press release from State Rep Joe Petrarca indicating that he had stopped the closure



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  1. I ‘am glad there not closing there are people that need the help.so that is good news.

  2. is the forensic unit new or old and are there good dr. for at this hospitial

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about Torrance state hospital or it’s forensic unit beyond what you see on here.

      • I have your response thank you
        that is were my son is going so I like keeping tabs on the hospital and things that are happening there to make sure he is being taken care of along with talking to the doctors and nursing staff he is real special to me.he is my only son.

  3. Sue, Thank you for the clarification, I was blindsided by claim in the release, and felt that like the claim made recently by someone else that Warren State was closing, I found no confirmation from my usual sources. your statement about privatization makes more sense, in light of what I had seen other places.

  4. The Forensic Unit at Torrance was not going to be closed. The governor proposed privatization of the unit (not closure) — the number of available beds would have remained the same but it would no longer be staffed by state employees. And indeed the legislature prohibited the state from moving forward with privatization.

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