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Money Monday

I found a nifty little site awhile back, and decided that I would share the link here.

  • The site Offers
  • Free registration
  • email alerts for stores, coupons and other deals based on your zipcode. These alerts can be turned on or off and customized to a degree based on your needs
  • Easy to unsubscribe from if you decide you’re not interested. (I unsubscribed just to test it and it was a piece of cake with no lengthy delay between my request and when things stopped coming.)
  • Store alerts are generally a weekly email for each store and arrive on Saturday with a link to the store’s circular.
  • Coupons are printable and you can print what you actually want to use.

Before you ask, I’m not getting anything for sharing this link, well, unless you count a little warm fuzzy feeling from hopefully helping someone else find ways to save¬† money by having easy access to circulars without having to end up with them in a pile creating clutter in your home.¬† (I’m working on de-cluttering so anything I can do to save money without creating clutter is awesome in my mind)

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