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Memorial to be held for Glenn Koons

The following information came to me from PMHCA on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 about an upcoming memorial service for Glenn Koons

“Glenn Koons was one of the pioneers in the Mental Health Recovery movement in PA. He was the President of the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Association in PA, as well as an active member of NAMI of Berks County’s Board of Directors.

 One of the first Certified Peer Support Specialists in the state, he worked at Wernersville State Hospital, where there will be a memorial service for Glenn at Building 37 on October 3rd at 2:00 PM.   Please join the Wernersville SH community, and the consumers and providers of Berks County in remembering Glenn.”

“Wernersville State Hospital evacuation unprecedented”

Article Link

This article offers some followup to the evacuation of Wernersville State Hospital due to flooding which was the result of tropical storm Lee.  The article was found on the ReadingEagle.com website dated September 23, 2011

Related article indicating that folks were returning to Wernersville State Hospital the item is dated September 14, 2011

Respite Care Awareness Week Sept. 25 to October 1, 2011

Governor Tom Corbett signed a proclamation on August 29, 2011 stating that the week of September 25 through October 1, 2011 would be designated as Respite Care Awareness Week in Pennsylvania.  Follow this link to see a copy of the proclamation courtesy of PA Recovery …. http://www.parecovery.org/documents/2011_Respite_Proclamation.pdf

What’s new

I’ve added some new links to the page of Pennsylvania Organizations, and added the state seal to that page as well …. though I should note not everything on that page is a state government agency or organization.

With summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, I’ll be changing the theme for the blog, I just need to find a suitable header pic or if I’m lucky I’ll spot something cool to take a picture of and use it, but I’m considering also re-using the pic from last year … it’ll be a surprise to us all at this point 🙂



September is National Recovery Month

SAMHSA National Recovery Month Helpline graphic

SAMHSA National Recovery Month Helpline

“Courage and Recovery”

I found this video called “Courage and Recovery” by Pat Deegan and thought it was worth sharing here, it offers some insight into what courage is and how it can help us in our journey to recovery.


Mental health workers strive to improve awareness – AltoonaMirror.com – Altoona, PA | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information – The Altoona Mirror

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Blair County

Image via Wikipedia

Article Link

This article talks about the Blair County Mental Health services and offers some insite into how they are trying to improve what is being offered.

Money Monday …. pop V$. bottled water

At one point I was drinking two 2-liter bottles of pop a day … everyday.  No surprise about why I weigh as much as I do now when I think about that concept, but I’ve since cut way back on the amount of pop I drink, and am primarily drinking bottled water.  Yes, it would be easy to argue that I could just as easily drink tap water, but to be honest I tried that and found it was easier to get a bottle of something to drink then it was to get a glass of tap water.  I haven’t figured out why this is, but getting a glass of tap water seems like such a pain to me somehow and is something I generally won’t do if I have a choice I prefer grabbing a bottle popping it open and drinking it.Any way, I just did some number crunching based on my most recent purchases of both pop and bottled water.

If I drink one bottle of store brand birch beer (3 liter size) per day every day like I use to, it would cost me  $601.44 per year  Fortunately I’m getting a little wiser, and discovered I do like water if it’s in a bottle, so now I drink mostly water … about a case a week  If I drink 1 case (24 bottles) of water per week over the next year, paying $3.50 per case, it will cost me $168.00 for the year.

Here’s how I got these numbers.

  • Pop
  • $1.79 per bottle
  • $12.53 per week (bottle price times 7)
  • $50.12 per month (week price times 4 weeks)
  • $601.44 per year (monthly price times 12 months)
  • *** Note Sales tax wasn’t figured in above, but if I include it, PA sales tax is 6% which would be about $36.09 per year on the pop which would increase the cost to $637.53 per year including tax
  • Water
    • $0.15 per bottle (rounded)
    • $3.50 per week (price for 1 case of water per week)
    • $14.00 per month (week price times 4)
    • $168.00 per year (month price times 12 months)

    I didn’t include  sales tax in my calculations … just the price I was charged before any tax.

    By switching from my favorite store brand of Birch Beer to bottled water bought by the case, I could save about $433.44 per year

    I use to think that bottled water was expensive but now that I did that comparison, I’m feeling like bottled water may be easier not just on my waistline, but also on my wallet

    “Federal settlement will release hundreds of institutionalized mental health patients to community-based programs”

    Map of the 67 counties of the Commonwealth of ...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Article Link

    This article found on PennLive.com dated Sept. 2, 2011 talks about the result of a federal case which will mean the release of a number of patients from state hospitals across Pennsylvania into Community based Services.

    “Wernersville State Hospital evacuated”

    Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Berks County

    Image via Wikipedia

    Article Link

    This article dated Sept. 9, 2011 found in the Reading Eagle  indicates that a small dam broke near Wernersville State Hospital, in Berks County,  prompting an evacuation of patients and staff from the facility due to flooding on Thursday.

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