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Money Monday – Laundry Tips

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Here are some links to sites offering tips on how to spend less while doing your laundry.

I know all too well that having a clothesline in the yard isn’t always possible.  I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and even though there is a yard, it isn’t available for a clothesline.  So, what I’ve done is I got a drying rack which I set up in my bedroom, and hang as much as I can on it, but if I need more hanging space then it allows I resort to using hangers and hanging them on my door frames or shower curtain rod.  I try not to use the shower curtain rod, but sometimes it can’t be avoided at this point.   I’m working on getting another drying rack which should solve the problem and further prevent me from needing to use my shower curtain rod.  The obvious savings for me hanging items to dry is that I save $1 by not feeding it into the dryer.  I also don’t need to buy dryer sheets since I don’t use a dryer it would be silly to buy them.  Since drying clothes can make them feel rough, I found that simply adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the washer seems to help soften things a bit.  White vinegar is pretty cheap I think I paid less then $2 for a gallon of it, but it’s been a little while since I needed to buy it so I’m guessing a little on the price, but I do know it was cheaper then buying fabric softener.  Something else I’ve been experimenting with is spraying my clothes with white vinegar when I hang them up to dry.  This seems to work as well, and don’t worry, the vinegar smell goes away so you don’t have to worry about smelling like a salad.

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