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Timeline of Glenn Koons’ disappearance both answers and raises questions

The following was sent to me by someone who was friends with Glenn Koons, accompanied by a request to repost it here for my readers.

This was written by a good friend of mine and of Glenns, She allowed me to repost her message here, Its some fo the facts and information we uncovered when we started looking for glenn. just a side story….I wonder if anyone was looking for the poor individuals that were found in Philadelphia when they went missing?…….

I am a good friend of Glenn’s as well, and I’d like to share what I know to be true of Glenn’s disappearance and eventual death. I’m hoping that as people examine the true facts of this case, that they begin to question the conclusions that have been reported regarding my dear friend’s death.

First of all, one of the biggest mistruths out there is that Glenn had stopped taking his medicine. On the day that Glenn disappeared, he had been discharged by the treatment team of West Reading Hospital and deemed to be doing well. He had signed himself into the hospital (therefore he DID seek treatment) and had been medicated while in the hospital. He was discharged, given a voucher for a taxi fare, seen getting into the taxi, and confirmed to be dropped off at the address of his residence by the cab driver. Two hours later, Glenn was seen by a co-worker walking down Mountain Home Road towards Wernersville, about 3/4 of a mile from his home. It was 103 degrees out that day, with 90 something percent humidity, and Glenn was in obvious distress from the heat.

That was the last time Glenn was reported seen alive.

Prior to signing himself into West Reading Hospital, Glenn had arranged for a co-worker to drive him there so that he would not have to leave his car at the hospital. According to the co-worker who drove Glenn to the hospital, they stopped by Glenn’s apartment on the way to hospital so that he could drop off his car. Glenn went inside his apartment to put his laptop, his work and personal cell phones, his medication, and wallet safely away. The only item reportedly in his possession at sign in was his insurance card. The only items in Glenn’s possession at discharge were reported to be his insurance card and a perscription for medication that the doctor at the hospital gave him. He wore the same clothes he was wearing when he signed himself in: a long sleeved black button down shirt and long jeans. Both his insurance card and his perscription were both confirmed to be found still in his possession when his body was found. His body was found wearing the same clothes he was discharged wearing.
It was reported by the police that is was unclear whether or not Glenn ever reentered his apartment after the taxi dropped him off. All of his belongings were still in the place his coworker witnessed Glenn putting them. It’s not too hard to imagine there is a possibility that he did not have keys to his apartment. His father did report that there was an extra key stashed only where Glenn and he both knew, but who knows who Glenn might have also told about that… .perhaps a girlfriend, or peer, or whoever else Glenn might have befriended in the area. Many people close to Glenn lost touch with him after his move to Reading, so we really have NO idea.
During Glenn’s disappearance, the police conducted at least 3 searches. One of the searches was by helicopter, one by horseback, and the last one I was told about was with blood hounds and the dogs caught his scent at a bridge over a very small stream that goes under Mountain Home Road. The dogs traced his scent to the side of the road by the stream, and then lost it. After that, the police began to investigate the possibility that Glenn was picked up by someone. Those investigative efforts came up with nothing as did the two other searches. Friends of his, including myself, organized a foot search party and not only searched the local area but also canvassed neighbors and businesses. At least 50 full page flyers were posted within a few miles of the last sighting of Glenn.
So, a fully medicated, reported “well” Glenn, decides to take a walk in 103 degree heat (anyone who knows Glenn knows he would NEVER take a walk for the hell of it in that kind of heat), wearing a long sleeved shirt and long jeans, towards his work pretty much immediately after being discharged from an inpatient stay at a hospital. He vanishes the same day. Not a single sighting is seen, and not a single communication with Glenn is reported for weeks until 44 days later his body is found a little over a mile from his residence at an electrical substation. His body had been 2-3 days deceased, as per the coroner, and it appeared he died from a slip and fall where he hit his head on a rock. They also made it clear that his death did not appear suspicious.
PLEASE someone explain to me how a man reported in good mental health is missing for 44 days and is found dead just over a mile from his home and had only been dead 2-3 days is NOT SUSPICIOUS?!?! That means for 41 days Glenn was without money, without food, without clean drinking water, in extremely unsuitable clothing for the heat, and had NOTHING but an insurance card and a piece of paper. HOW IS THAT NOT SUSPICIOUS? HOW IS THAT NOT FULLY WORTHY OF INVESTIGATION?
Instead, it seems police have written this off as if Glenn decided to stop taking his meds, ran off and went totally crazy, wandering around the somewhat suburbanized rural less than 1/2 square mile wooded area between his house and where his body were found for 41 days, then fell, hit his head, and died only to be found 2-3 days later. The same area that myself, and the few others who showed up for the search party had completely covered telephone poles, restaraunts, and traffic lights with missing posters that had big color photos of him all over it. It’s an easy out for the police who were investigating, and it’s an easy explanation for most people to swallow… after all… many people who knew Glenn also know first hand how devastating mental illness can be. We know all too well that many people DO stop taking their medicine and end up tragically in a similar situation. But please, step away from that, if only for a moment, and take a look at the facts. It really doesn’t add up.
As friends, admirers, coworkers, and family of Glenn, I am asking that everyone remember his amazing advocacy skills and all he gave to the our community, our state, and our country. In remembering him, please ask this question and advocate for his case to be fully investigated. This is unacceptable for anyone, but especially for Glenn… who spent his life giving to everyone else.

Stephanie M

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