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“Much Lower Life Expectancy in the Mentally Ill”

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This article found on Medscape Today dated December 6, 2011 talks about research indicating that folks with mental illness are not living as long as folks without mental illnesses.  the research was done in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but is something that is being seen in the United States as well.

“Dr. Mark Salerno Is Living Proof That It’s Possible to Overcome Mental Illness”


Rethink Mental Illness

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This article found on the Phoenix News website on December 22, 2011, isn’t specific to Pennsylvania, but it is a story of recovery from mental illness by Dr. Mark Salerno, and some events of his story did take place in Pennsylvania, so there is a slight connection to here, but I mostly felt it was a really good article conveying hope, and offering encouragement.  Recovery doesn’t have an ending, but is a continuous journey this man’s journey is one that demonstrates that mental illness knows no boundaries when it comes to education or profession, but also demonstrates it is possible to reach beyond the struggles and be more than a diagnosis.

“Pa.’s drop in Medicaid rolls stirs controversy”


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This article found on Philly.com dated December 15, 2011 talks about the controversy over Governor Tom Corbett’s cuts to Medicaid here in Pennsylvania.

“Proposed Bethlehem Township center would treat up to eight with mental illness”


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This article dated December 1, 2011, on Lehigh Valley‘s, The Morning Call, discusses a facility being proposed in Bethlehem Township to house and treat up to 8 folks with serious mental illnesses.  The facility has been proposed by NHS Pennsylvania.

To those who celebrate ….

I would like wish everyone Happy Holiday!  May the spirit of hope be one that continues with each and every one of you and your families throughout the coming year.

To those who are traveling, I hope you have a safe journey to where ever it is you are going.

“Pa. set to jettison “R” word”

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This article found on Philly.com is dated December 16, 2011, and talks about legislation that will remove the word “retarded” and replace it with “intellectually disabled”

“5 Gift Giving Guidelines”

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This article was found on the Esperanza website posted December 9, 2011, and discusses five simple questions to make gift giving more positive and less stressful.

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