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Money Monday – Jan. 23, 2012

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Image by Toban Black via Flickr

I know I usually pick some sort of “theme” for my Money Monday Topics, but this time I decided to go through my bookmarks and simply list some sites I like to visit when I want to try to acquire new money-saving ideas.  Some of them offer similar suggestions, but at  the same time, I typically find some tidbit I haven’t seen before, or am reminded of something I slacked off on doing.  Some are blogs, while others are sites dedicated to anything that falls under the heading of free or low-cost.  Often times if you look at these sites you’ll find that “Frugal” and “Green” seem to show up together within the same site.

Anyway, here’s some of the link I’ve acquired and enjoy visiting for ideas on how I can get more bang for my buck (so to speak)

Tips in general

  • BeingFrugal.net ‘Live more. spend less.’
  • Sense to Save  ‘There’s more to saving money than common sense’
  • “Thriving on Less” free downloadable e-book with tips and ideas for simplifying and saving money
  • TipHero.com – HUGE site with money-saving tips covering more topics than a single person could absorb in a day … and there’s always more ideas showing up it’s one of my favorite sites
  • The Caregivers Marketplace – offers cash back rebates on items used by people who give or get care the items are typically needed but not covered by insurance and is free to join
  • The Simple Dollar – Financial talk for the rest of us (Down to earth financial information that doesn’t need the reader to have a business degree it’s in plain language that even I can understand and financial stuff confuses me easily)


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