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“Fitness program for mentally ill expands in NH “

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This article found in the Beaver County Times and dated February 23, 2012, talks about a program in New Hampshire for helping folks with serious mental health issues to improve their overall physical health.  While the article pertains more to a program in New Hampshire, it is something that is being looked at here in Pennsylvania as well.  I receive services from an agency here in Pennsylvania that is beginning to take a serious look at whole health treatment as opposed to looking at me and others in my area as either a mental heath consumer or a physical health patient, this particular agency is beginning to explore ways to treat folks as a whole person focusing on both physical and mental health as a single unit.  I don’t know of other specific agencies in Pennsylvania doing the same thing, but based on hearing about conferences attended by representatives of the agency I receive services from, I think its safe to say that other agencies across Pennsylvania are looking at similar ways of thinking.

“Families of suicide victims are left to cope with guilt, grief, doubt”

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This article dated February 27, 2012, on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website talks about the struggles faced by family members of someone who committed suicide.  The article not only looks at immediate impact, but also compares national suicide rates to the suicide rates in Allegheny County.

PMHCA Advocacy page – re. Proposed Budget Cuts


This call for action also gives an overview of what Governor Corbett’s proposed budget would mean to mental health providers and consumers.

“How does physical activity help with mental health? “

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This video was uploaded by BritishNutrition on January 3, 2012, and discusses the why there is a need to integrate physical and mental health as a single treatment instead of separate entities.

“No funds for Tourette syndrome group in proposed Pennsylvania budget “

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This article found on PublicOpinionOnline.com posted circa Feb 23, 2012 Talks about a program that supports folks with Tourette syndrome, that will most likely have to shut down if they get the $0  funding proposed in Governor Corbett’s budget.

DIA Rally in Harrisburg Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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I received the following information about a rally to be held on Wednesday February 29 at the State Capital in Harrisburg.  If you are in the area or are able to travel to get there, please consider showing your support and take part in this rally.

—————- Email information I received below ——————-

  • Time to rally! People with physical disabilities, mental health needs, intellectual disabilities, people who are poor due to life’s circumstances and other caring people all need to come together to tell legislators, the Governor and the public that budget cuts for people with disabilities and people living in poverty are not acceptable.

State Rally at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

11:00 am until 4:00 pm

State Rally at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg and march to Governor’s residence to follow!Join PA ADAPT, Disabled In Action of PA, and the entire disability community and help us tell Governor Corbett to:



STOP restricting eligible Consumers from services and creating waiting lists

STOP creating fraud where none exists and using it as an excuse to institutionalize the Disabled Community

KEEP Pennsylvanians employed and stop the massive layoffs
Sponsored by Disabled In Action of PA
Organizers call (215) 627-7255

“Program teaches inmates one of hardest lessons”

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This article found on LancasterOnline.com dated February 10, 2012, talks about a program called “Hopes, Choices and Values” done by the Lancaster Mental Health America to help inmates.

“Health official: Proposed budget cuts ‘a recipe for disaster’”

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This article found on the Philly.com website dated February 22, 2012 describes the potential for disaster that could occur as a result of Governor Corbett’s proposed budget.

“$1.3 Million Cut in State Funding to Franklin County Human Services Much Deeper than Expected”

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This article found on the PennLive.com website dated February 17, 2012 talks about the impact of the proposed budget on Franklin County, PA whose Commissioners have approached Fulton County Commissioners and proposed to joinder with them, but before a joinder can be formed, Fulton County must also agree to it.

Money Monday – “Fans’ rite of spring: sun-seeking baseball trips”

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This article dated February 17, 2012 and found on GoErie.com offers some tips for baseball fans who want to make the trek to see baseball’s spring training camps.  The tips include transportation, lodging, and other ways to keep the cost down if you plan on going.

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