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“In Suburban Station, lost souls get some direction”


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This article dated January 30, 2012, and found on the Philly.com website, talks about the “Hub of Hope” which was formed to aid homeless people.

Money Monday – February 6, 2012 (Part 2)

I got enough tips and ideas I decided to split this into a two-part series, the first part if you missed it can be found by clicking here

Hope you enjoy the tips and ideas, I have my Facebook friends to thank for all of them.

  • Rachel Offered this idea
    • “I guess I would just remind people who the library is a great place to save money. Ours offers computers, free classes, clubs, movies and a discount book store. You can also borrow DVDs, CDs, books, tapes or MP3s of books. In our county we have access to every library in the county with one card; a catalog of hundreds of thousands of items at our fingertips. Any thing you order is delivered to your home library. You can get a movie queue going like with Netflix, but it’s all free.”
    • “Borrowing a good basic cook book and cooking from scratch saves so much over prepared food. “
    • “Also, when I leave the library with a big pile of books I feel RICH even though I didn’t spend a dime.”
  • Denny offered this tip
    • “Read your utility bills line by line, if you don’t know what a line means CALL and ask. If something changes CALL and ask. And each time you call ASK if there are any DEALS that might help you save money. Often they have deals that are NOT publicized, and the PHONE company is the VERY WORST for making mistakes and adding fees for what ever that they WILL take off if you question them. I have gotten anywhere from as little as $0.50 taken off my bill up to over $50.00 one time by asking why is it there what does it mean, why am I paying it.”
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