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“Fitness program for mentally ill expands in NH “

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This article found in the Beaver County Times and dated February 23, 2012, talks about a program in New Hampshire for helping folks with serious mental health issues to improve their overall physical health.  While the article pertains more to a program in New Hampshire, it is something that is being looked at here in Pennsylvania as well.  I receive services from an agency here in Pennsylvania that is beginning to take a serious look at whole health treatment as opposed to looking at me and others in my area as either a mental heath consumer or a physical health patient, this particular agency is beginning to explore ways to treat folks as a whole person focusing on both physical and mental health as a single unit.  I don’t know of other specific agencies in Pennsylvania doing the same thing, but based on hearing about conferences attended by representatives of the agency I receive services from, I think its safe to say that other agencies across Pennsylvania are looking at similar ways of thinking.

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