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“Murray joins opposition to voter ID bill”

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This article dated Sunday, March 11, 2012 discusses Rep. Murray’s opposition to the bill many have dubbed the “Voter Suppression Bill” because if it passes it will create an obstacle for many with regards to voting.  If this bill is passed it will require photo ID to exercise our right to vote.  This is something that many low-income, disabled, or elderly don’t have, and in many cases may not have access to the state DMV center to get an ID.

In my rural area, the DMV Licensing center is about a mile away from the nearest bus stop.  Which means that anyone without a vehicle, or someone to help them get up there, won’t be able to get there to get a photo id unless they walk along a road that is far from pedestrian friendly.

Below are related articles about Pennsylvania and other states where similar bills have either been implemented or are in the works.

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