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“Refugees find solace in photos”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Philadelphia ...

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Philadelphia County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article dated March 22, 2012 on Philly.com describes how photography is being used to help refugees in Philadelphia open up and talk about their culture and their lives in general.

Something a little lighter …..

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With all the heavier articles and such that I’ve posted, I needed something a little lighter for my sake, and I thought that maybe my readers might agree that something a little more fun might be good.  So, in light of my need for something lighter, I give you  a video that always makes me smile “I am the very model of a modern psychopharmacologist“…. it also has a super catchy tune 🙂

Have fun and relax for a few minutes before continuing back to the heavy stuff!

I feel like I need to tie this into mental health somehow … well, beyond the subject of the video of course.  I’ve mentioned personal medicine on here in the past,  and I would just like to note that for me, wandering around YouTube watching funny videos helps break up the monotony of the serious stuff when I feel like there is more than I can possibly post happening.  So, even though I love working on this blog, I need to balance things out a bit so I’ll sometimes visit YouTube to help keep me from getting too serious about life in general.

“Challenges loom for Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law”

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This article dated March 15, 2012 found on PennLive.com explains what voters can expect with regards to the new voter ID law in Pennsylvania.  According to the article, PA has the toughest voter ID bill in the country at this time.

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