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“Pennsylvania food stamp program will trap people in poverty, critics say”

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This article found on Pennlive.com dated April 29, 2012 talks about the asset test for food stamps I’m not clear when exactly it’s going into effect, the article mentioned election day, but then it also said “next week” so I’m a little confused about the timing, but I know that this is something I’ve heard a little about, just not enough to say I really know much.

“Cuts to mental health care are mentally disturbing”

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This article found on TheDailyReview.com dated April 29, 2012 explains some of the history behind the statements about promises being broken by the Corbett administration.

“Project Vote: Voting Rights Organizations Begin Litigation to Enforce National Voter Registration Act in PA”

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This article found on the Project Vote website dated April 27, 2012  talks about a pre-litigation letter sent with regards to Pennsylvania’s failure to register low-income voters.  The article explains it much clearer.

“Mental-health Budget Cuts Loom in York and Adams Counties”

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article found on PennLive.com dated April 28, 2012 talks about how the proposed budget cuts won’t just mean that services will need to be cut, but also points out that jobs would be cut as well, unfortunately one of the areas that York and Adams counties are indicating could be cut would be their Peer specialists.

“Brotherly love — and sorrow”

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This article found on the Jewish Exponent website on April 3, 2012, talks about a documentary about one family’s struggle to cope with the mental illness of one family member.

“5th Annual Greater Philadelphia NAMI Walks for Mental Illness”

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This article talks about an upcoming NAMI Walk to be held on May 5, 2012 in Philly. The article is found on Phillyburbs.com with no date listed for publication, but I spotted it on April 26, 2012

MHA PA speaks out about Gov. Corbett’s proposed budget cuts

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Just because the dust has started to settle in the media with regards to Governor Corbett’s proposed 20% cut to MH/ID funding, doesn’t mean that there isn’t still reason for concern.  MHA-PA is encouraging folks to keep making themselves heard and keep raising questions and concerns about the proposed cuts by letting the Governor, and your state representatives know how you feel about the proposed cuts.  Keep in mind that people’s lives are at stake and that it isn’t just numbers on paper.


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