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Slight change on here

Folks may have noticed that I stopped setting my links up in posts so they would open in a new window.  This isn’t because I’m too lazy to click the little check box to make it so the link will do this, but rather, it is because I discovered while looking at my blog on my kindle, that I wasn’t able to open an article link because of the separate window thing.  So, I figured that if I couldn’t open it on my Kindle, then there was a chance others might be having a similar problem with other devices.  I don’t have other devices to test this theory with, so it is purely a guess on my part.  Since I started having links open in the same window as where the link is located, I have been able to successfully access links in my posts using my kindle.  I’m hoping that while it may not be as convenient for folks using a laptop or desktop computer who prefer not having to backtrack I feel that it may be helpful to folks who use mobile devices to use my blog, while still allowing computer users to use it as well.  I’m sorry for not realizing this sooner, and sincerely hope the change works for others like I’m hoping it will.

“Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans”

Article Link

This article found on Philadelphia’s WPVI website dated April 10, 2012 talks about treating PTSD in US Veterans


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