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“Republican lawmaker: How will we be judged on budget cuts?”

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This article dated May 10, 2012 on Pennlive.com raises questions about the planning and such that went into the budget proposal changes but somehow managed to leave out response from the folks that would be effected by the changes.  The folks that should have been given a chance to give comments included people from the mental and physical disability communities, mental health community, family members of the consumers/clients, providers of services, and the list goes on.   All this is being done about us but also without us.  Even Corbett got to have input when he was running for office and was allowed the chance to state what his plans were when he was running for office, and even had the chance to debate with his opponents and offer his views on things.  The same person who has pretty much painted a target on the elderly, disabled, and low-income population is pretty much saying that the only view that matters is the one that agrees with his point of view, and that it doesn’t matter what those who will be effected by the decisions have to say about the effect of his decisions on their lives.  He refuses to tax all tobacco products, which have years of research indicating that they are unhealthy and because of the health risks have an increased chance of causing huge medical bills and other expenses, but yet at the same time he is threatening to make cuts to programs designed to try to help people improve their lives and have a fighting chance at being able to give something back to their community.  In short he’s saying yes to something with health risks, and saying no to something with health benefits.

I commend those elected officials who are standing up and pointing out how wrong these decisions are, and are trying to help take a stand for the many vulnerable Pennsylvanians who will be effected when the target that Corbett has painted on the most vulnerable if the proposed budget goes into effect it won’t be just a target, those who fall under the heading of low-income, elderly, disabled, will all be under heavy fire trying to survive with less support, and facing a huge and very real possibility of having to turn to more expensive services.

Thank you to those who are taking a stand and saying Corbett’s budget proposal is wrong and shame to those who are supporting Corbett’s budget cuts to vital programs for the disabled.

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