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“Republicans Cut off Food Assistance to Millions of Americans who own a Car “

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This July 7, 2012 article found on the Politicus USA website talks about a recent move by republicans to cut food stamp funding by disqualifying people who own a car the money saved will then go to subsidize farming.

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English: Stack of books in Gould's Book Arcade...

English: Stack of books in Gould’s Book Arcade, Newtown, New South Wales (NSW), Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Perfect Hobby? Reading books Is Fun, Cheap and Good for You”

This article discusses the variety of benefits that come from reading books, and has a focus on traditional bound books, as opposed to ebooks.

For myself though, I do have a kindle, and I love it!  The initial cost was a little high, but with a battery that is usable for roughly a month between charges, depending on how much I use it or if I read text or listen to audio books.  I do find that there are tons of free or low-cost books available for it.  I also find that I’m more apt to read a book on my Kindle then I would be to go browsing bookshelves looking for a book to read.  Considering I have ADHD and Anxiety disorder, I find that online shopping is more efficient for me but everyone has their own take on that, buying or finding ebooks is fun to me, but then I’m also a gadget junkie so that might be a reason as well.

Going back to the traditional bound books though, I do know that it can be very affordable, especially if you check out used book stores, or even better your local library,  Other places to find books inexpensively could be yard sales, book exchanges, flea markets, and I’m sure there is place I haven’t thought of.  But there are lots of fringe benefits to reading, so check it out and maybe you’ll find out you’ve gained an opportunity to grow a bit 🙂

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