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“Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Kids About Colorado Killings”

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This July 20, 2012 article found on Philly.com’s health segment, talks about what kind of impact the theater shooting in Colorado could have on kids and what kind of response adults should have to a kid or teen who might be asking about what happened.

I know that like everyone else I was caught completely off guard by the news of this incident, but I do want folks to know my heart goes out to the friends and families of those who were at the theater that night and whose lives are likely to be forever changed.
A friend of mine pointed out that the country is mourning the victims of the theater shooting, but yet many seem apathetic when it comes to our military who have been killed in action or in some cases taken their own lives.  I would like to ask that while we are sending our thoughts and prayers to those in Colorado, we also be mindful of the thousands in our military who have given their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms and rights we have come to enjoy and in some ways maybe even started to take for granted.

The value of human life is priceless regardless of how the life ends, it still has value.

“Here’s why Gov. Corbett should expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania”


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This July 20, 2012 article found on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, talks about reasons why Gov. Corbett should expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania.  Some reasons listed in the article include things like it would help prevent the spread of infections disease, because people would be more likely to get medical care if they had insurance.


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