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“Cutting mental health services at our own peril”

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This July 28, 2012 article on the TribLive website raises some good points, indicating that both humans and guns need to be looked at when figuring out how to prevent future incidents like what has happened in Colorado.  Guns are designed to kill or injure and by themself yes, they are pretty harmless, but add the human equation and that’s when things can get scary.  So to look at just the human or just the gun is pointless, both need to be considered together as a single issue instead of separate ones.

“Vote for America’s Mental Health in 2012”


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This page on the Mental Health America or more commonly known as MHA website offers a variety of information geared towards the mental health community explaining things like voter id and other voting related topics.  It’s a great starting point for folks who either have never voted or maybe voted, but want to learn a little more before they vote again.


“Physical Ailments Take Toll on Mental Health: Study”


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This July 24, 2012 article on the USNews website talks a little about a study that seems to confirm the link between physical and mental health which seems to also in turn strengthen the need to treat a person as a whole person and not having them see one doctor for everything from the neck up and a different doctor for everything from the neck down which has been traditionally done.  If I have a headache, I can assure you my mood will likely suffer, also if I’m feeling depressed, my arthritis is more likely to be flaring at the same time.


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