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“Stanford’s Sapolsky On Depression in U.S. (Full Lecture)”

American biologist and author Robert Sapolsky.

American biologist and author Robert Sapolsky. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This video that was uploaded to YouTube by  on Nov 10, 2009 is a 1 hours lecture explaining the biological and psychological components to major depression and how they connect.  It is a little technical, but the presenter explains things enough that anyone should be able to follow what he’s saying without feeling like they got hit by a ton of books.

Cobbler and Gobbler Receive a Presidential Pardon

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This November 22, 2012 video on the ABC website is of the traditional Presidential pardoning of the Turkey.  This year was the first time that Turkeys were selected by way of an online vote.

“Medicare agrees to pick up the tab for obesity counseling”

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This November 20, 2012 article out of Maine talks about Medicare agreeing to help pay for obesity counseling.

“A nursing instructor talks about the fine line in dealing with the out-of-control patient”

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This November 19, 2012 article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, talks about how simulations are being done using mannequins to help nursing students better understand how to handle a mental health patient who is in crisis.

“Bethlehem’s Cafe the Lodge provides work, funding for the mentally ill”

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This November 18, 2012 article on the LehighValleyLive.com website talks about a cafe aimed at helping the mentally ill.


“Mental Health: The Big Elephant in the Room”

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This November 16, 2012 article on the HuffPost Healthy Living site talks about issues pertaining to the treatment of mental illness, and explains a little about what is being done to change how it is perceived.

“Movember celebrates sixth year in U.S.”


This November 15, 2012 article is about Movember which is one where men grow moustaches as a fundraiser for cancer one other possibility was to help mental health

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