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“Letters: We all have a stake in mental health issues”

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This February 3, 2013 letter to the editor is found on the Penn Live website.  I like that the writer points out that there has been an increased demand for mental health services while at the same time funding has decreased.

It has been my opinion and I think I can safely say there are others who share this opinion that when the need for services is increasing it is not the time to be decreasing the funding for those services.  I have felt for sometime now that the State has been slowly putting a choke hold on mental health services and saying we want you to do more, but at the same time we are going to give you less money then we did last time to do it with.  In at least the past 10 years it’s my understanding that mental health services have gotten funding cuts in every budget …. and we wonder why he mental health community isn’t able to meet the demand for services.

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