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“Body Identified”

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The body found in the Conewango Creek yesterday has been identified as Dan Wolboldt according to a breaking news report on the Warren Times Observer.  Dental records were used to identify him.

Thank you to those who followed this story, I’m sorry for the sad ending, but my heart goes out to the friends and family of Dan Wolboldt who are now able to gain some closure in this tragedy.


“Tour shows what it is like to be a homeless person in Cumberland County”

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846)

Cumberland County Courthouse (1846) (Photo credit: origamidon)


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This April 28, 2013 article on the cumberlink.com website for The Sentinel is about a recent tour of services that are for helping homeless people.  The tour was for giving Legislative delegates and Officials a better idea of what it is like to be homeless in Cumberland County.









Yesterday I posted a piece indicating that Dan Wolboldt’s body had been found.  I jumped ahead of things a bit and should have stated a body was found but not identified.  I messed up and made an assumption based on the place the body was found in relation to where Dan Wolboldt’s home is.

Here is an article in today’s Warren Times Observer that offers more details about where things are at with Dan Wolboldt’s case.

According to the article a forensic autopsy will be performed to not only identify the body but find cause of death.

Here is the link to today’s article


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