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“Mild Brain Injuries Can Disable ADHD Kids”

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This June 26, 2013 article on Psych Central talks about the link being discovered between ADHD and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) based on a recent study done in Pittsburgh.

This link > 2013%2E5%2Epeds12424

will take you to a pdf file I found pertaining directly to the study the article is about.  it was found though a link in the article itself.


“When problems pile up: Hoarding a tough problem to solve”

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This June 23, 2013 article on the Reading Eagle website talks about some of the issues surrounding hoarding, not just the health and safety issues to the person who hoards, but also the cost to communities that have to clean up a home that a person who hoards has moved out of.   This particular article focuses on a multi-agency task force in Berks County, but they hope that by raising awareness about hoarding they can maybe help those who do hoard and encourage them to find the motivator within them-self to see there is a problem and feel like they have a reason to change it.

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