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“Too Fat for Seat Belt: Woman Loses 250 Pounds”

English: Obese man early 20th century

English: Obese man early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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This July 4, 2013 video on the ABCnews website is about a woman who lost 250 pounds after a wakeup call in the form a a traffic ticket.  This video is something I’m posting, because I know from personal experience that being obese is more expensive then being at a healthy weight.  Everything costs more, clothing, furniture, healthcare, I’m sure if I really dug, I could comeup with even more things that I have had to pay a high price for because of my weight.  I also know that it is possible to lose weight without a gym membership and equipment amounting to nothing more then a pair of sneakers and a bottle of water.  The exercise I primarily perform is walking, I force myself to walk to the store for my groceries, even when I’m in pain due to my arthritis, If I have access to a vehicle for running errands, I intentionally park further from the entrance of the store then most people do, because it gives me an excuse to get a little extra walking in.  I started out only being able to walk about 1/4 mile once or twice per week, but I’m to a point now where I can walk 2miles per trip 3 or 4 times a week I didn’t reach this point overnight, it was simply me deciding I had enough of being obese and finding ways to increase how much physical activity I get each day.  I’ve also made changes in what I eat, decreasing the mac-n-cheese to almost none and increasing fresh produce, lean meat, fish, and some dairy.  Decreasing my grains and starch intake has also been helpful, not only in helping me to lose weight, but also in helping me manage my pain.  Humans need some starch, but I’m confident that none of us need as much as what is found in the typical American diet … corn is in just about everything, whether it be corn syrup or corn starch, it’s extremely difficult to avoid starch since it is hidden in most processed foods.  My cooking skills were almost non-existent when I started making healthier choices, but since I started learningto improve my cooking skills.  My skills still aren’t great, but I can say I’ve learned a few things that I didn’t know before I decided to try to take charge of my weight.  My weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic as what the woman in the video has lost, but like my doctor has said, any loss is better then no loss at all.   Incase you’re wondering about the bottle of water I mentioned earlier, it can be used as a weight, but more importanatly it will help keep you properly hydrated which is very important for all of us to do.  I think the most important thing I found that helps me keep going though despite the often frustrating journey to a healthier me, is to have a few people who support and encourage me on my journey.  Everyone needs a cheerleader 🙂




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