“Local Motorcyclists, Firefighters Set to Honor Boy Who Saved Racquet Club Residents”

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This July 28, 2013 article found on the Levittown Now website talks about a boy who saw a need and stepped up to help.  I doubt the boy or his friends thought a lot about any reward they might get, as they knocked on doors to alert residence of the danger they were in, so I feel that this article is a great example of how helping because it’s the right thing to do can have some neat surprises as a result of the effort made.  I doubt this boy and his friends knew every person who they alerted to the fire, I also doubt that they had much on their mind other than trying to make sure people were safe.  I also doubt that the boy and his friends viewed themselves as heroes when they took the action they took.  They saw a need and stepped in and did what they could to help.

I tip my hat to this boy and his friends and hope that others can look at this and realize that helping others is the right thing to do, and that doing it because it feels good should be enough of a reward.  Helping because it puts a spotlight on you and lets you say “hey look at me I did this” or helping for the purpose of getting a tax break and not because you actually care isn’t as impressive to others as when someone helps because it’s the right thing to do without regard for what they will get for their efforts.  The kids in this article could have easily stood around and watched the flames grow, or continued on their way to wherever they were heading, but they realized people were in danger and by simply knocking on doors and alerting people, I’m willing to bet they may have saved at least a few lives that night.

It is my hope that others will look at this and realize that they too can make a difference in someone else’s life, and while it may not be as monumental as alerting people to a fire in their building, it could still make a huge difference in someone’s life.   I don’t have a lot in the way of resources, but for me, I find it to be fun to see what kinds of creative ways I can quietly help others.  I generally help  others when I can, because so many people over the years have helped me at various times in my life and asked for nothing in return, and when I find a way to do something for someone else, I feel like in some sense it is giving me a chance to honor those who helped me by paying it forward.


“Warring statisticians in voter ID trial”

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This July 25, 2013 article on the witf website talks about the questioning of statisticians by lawyers from both sides  of the Pennsylvania voter ID trial.