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“When Doctors Discriminate”

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This August 10, 2013 article found on the New York Times Sunday Review website talks about what is happening because doctors often give inadequate care to those with serious mental illnesses.


“Montgomery County Emergency Services joins national suicide hot line”

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This August 10, 2-13 article on the Times Herald website talks about Montgomery County’s Emergency Services joining the National Suicide Hotline.  They will still be available through their direct number which is listed in the article.


“Sounding off on teen suicide on the Main Line”

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This August 9, 2013 article on the Main Line website talks about the stigmas surrounding depression and other mental illnesses that often cause teens to try to gut it out, which can sometimes end in suicide.

Posting gap


I wanted to let you know that the reason for the most recent gap in posts, was because I’ve been sick and was unable to work on my blog for a few days, but that I am feeling better and am getting  to work on new posts for you very shortly.  I’m going to get my stuff setup on the porch and then blog out there so I can get some fresh air while I work on blogging.




Thank you to those who have been dedicated enough to keep checking back to see if I posted anything, I feel bad that there wasn’t anything for you to read., but even gaming and Facebook got put on hold when I was at my worst.




So, now to just gather my gear for porch blogging and head out there to see what I can find for folks here to read 🙂




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soul blogger for Pennsylvania Mental Health Issues








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