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Wanted to update folks about my situation

I know my last post might have raised some concerns, I do want folks to know I’m OK, aside from feeling emotionally drained, and wanting off this emotional roller coaster.  I really am doing well under the circumstances.  Today though I will be saying goodbye to my current Service Dog “Tippy” who will be officially retired as of this afternoon, and will be meeting Tippy’s replacement who I hope will be able to work as well for me as Tippy has over the years.

I plan on posting a picture of Tippy’s replacement so folks here can kind of meet her.  The dog in my avatar here on WordPress is a picture of Tippy that I took about 8 years ago not long after she entered my life, and opened up the world to me.

I appreciate your patience while I go through this, and I hope you know that I do plan on returning to my usual blogging routine once things settle a bit.  I’m considering returning to my usual blogging routine before the 20th, but I’m not fully committed to that idea just yet, it will depend on how things go in the next couple days.

Here’s a link to a video taken on Sept. 10, 2013 of Tippy …. the audio needs some work, but this is truly and example of what not to do the day before you are going to give up your dog ….


The story behind the blue paint is that we intended on dipping one of her paws into paint, and then using it like a stamp to stamp her paw print on canvas, but we had multiple failed attempts and reached a point where Tippy had blue pain on all 4 paws, so we opted to have her simple walk around with her painted paws on paper and canvas to see if we could get some good paw prints that way …. she seemed to like that method much better than us painting her paw or controlling when she could pick up or put down a paw.  I however do NOT think I’ll try this again, because in all honesty it’s quite messy and even though Tippy got a bath afterwards, her paws still have a blue tint to them despite my best efforts.

I would like to note that the paint used in this odd project was clearly labeled “Non-toxic” and it is a water based paint, so it was something that I would even feel comfortable allowing a young child to paint with…. though I’m guessing since children don’t have fur that odds are good they wouldn’t have blue-tinted hands when they were done washing up afterwards.

It did break the depressed feeling I had yesterday when I woke up and even now when I think about it, it does bring me a hint of amusement as I think about how odd the idea really was.  I’m pretty sure that my impulsiveness (I have ADHD) overrode any degree of common sense that might have prevented me from painting Tippy yesterday, but even with that I will have one heck of a memory to remember from her last 24 hours with me so while it’s going to be interesting to explain why she has blue paws, I feel like in a warped sort of way it was a really good thing that we did this with her, it helped me and Tippy got some extra play time in the process.

I should also note that Tippy has been fine since the painting session yesterday aside from her now blue-tinted paws which should fade or grow out over time.

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