“Thanksgivukkah: A Mash Of Two Holidays That’s Easy To Relish”

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for ...

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dreidel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This November 22, 2013 article that includes a downloadable audio segment, is found on the NPR: The Salt  website.  And yes, before you say anything I know that this article really has very little if anything to do with mental health issues.  I came across it and thought it was interesting to learn that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving share the same day this year which is something that will likely not happen again for over 70,000 years according to the article.

I would love to hear if any of my readers happen to be Jewish and what if anything they may have done to combine the celebration of Hanukkah  and Thanksgiving in their home.

“Mental Illness in America: Why the Affordable Care Act’s Parity Rule Marks a New Era in Mental Health Care”

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English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This November 9, 2013 blog post on the Public Health Watch blog, talks about some of the changes to mental health care in the United States as a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act (also commonly called “Obama care” by the media). The post covers a variety of items including but not limited to statistics on the estimated number of adults with a diagnosable mental illness in the United States, and other information like funding for mental health services, access to treatment, and statistics about the number of untreated adults with mental illnesses.  The post packs a lot of information into it, but presents it in a way that I feel many of my readers could walk away from the post feeling like they gained a bit of knowledge without feeling too overwhelmed by the language used  in the post.  I recommend that folks read through the post in its entirety and even take time to follow the links throughout the text of the post to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.  I felt the post was well worth the time it takes to read it, and I felt like for myself I may need to revisit it to get a full grasp of everything covered in it.  Thank you to the folks who maintain the Public Health Watch blog for their post.