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“Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus”

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This December 5, 2013 article on the KQED Mind /Shift: How we Learn website talks about the bittersweetness of technology in relation to the ability of students to focus on whatever task they are needing to focus on.  There is nothing in the article about mental illness, but I found it interesting, because I have ADHD and have always had a very tough time focusing long enough to carry out what I want or need to.  I’m also drawn to technology like a fly to poo, and over the past few years have wondered if my passion for technology is something that is helping or hindering my ability to focus.  I do know that I’m more likely to read an entire book on my Kindle then I am to finish reading a bound hard/soft cover book, but then my particular kindle is an older one designed just for reading, so when I’m using it, there aren’t a ton of things on it to pull my focus off the book.  If I try to read the same kindle book on my pc using the kindle app I find that I’m more likely to end up wandering into another window to check something else or look-up something I have a question about and from there I might make it bake to the e-book.  In my case though I don’t know how much of the focus issue I have is technology and how much is ADHD.  What I do know though is that it gets to be really frustrating for me to try staying on task with anything for more than about 20 minutes after about 20 minutes, my mind is off and dragging me to something else, which likely explains why I have so many unfinished tasks in progress around the house.  At any rate the article was one that I found very interesting, as someone who has struggled to focus on things since before the days when everyone seemed to have some sort of computerized piece of technology either in their pocket or on their desk.


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