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“Water Main Break Might Wash Away Opening Day for Little League”

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This January 15, 2014 article on the Levittown Now website is a request for help by the Bristol Township Little League.  They had a water main break that either damaged or washed away gear that was in storage to be used by Bristol Little League Baseball  they are working closely with their insurance agency, but they don’t know if everything that was lost or damaged is covered by their insurance. They are asking for donations from the community to help bridge the gap between what is covered and what is needed for the 2014 little league season in Bristol township.

I do realize that this isn’t exactly a mental health article, but I feel like it is something that does offer mental health benefits and knowing how much kids in my area enjoy little league baseball, I hate to see a community lose their program or have to decrease the number of teams due to something that was beyond their control.

“UPMC Study to Determine Best Course of Action for Mental Health Treatments”

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This January 14, 2014 WESA – Pittsburgh NPR article talks about a study to be conducted by UPMC where they will look at both Person-centered treatment and Measurement-based approach


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“Goodnight. Sleep Clean.”


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This January 11, 2014, New York Times article talks about a theory being researched that seems to show that brains go through a cleaning cycle while the body sleeps.  They haven’t been approved to test the theory on humans yet, but animals such as dogs, mice, rats, and chimps all seem to have a built-in cleaning cycle that occurs in their brains during sleep or under anesthetic.  So, just like rest is important after heavy exercise so your muscles can recover, it seems that our brains also need to rest so they can clean toxins out as well.

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