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“Some Plans Refuse To Cover Medical Costs Related To Suicide Despite Federal Rules”


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This February 18, 2014 Gant Daily article talks about ways that insurance companies will exclude coverage for medical expenses related to suicide or attempted suicide despite the fact that Federal Law says they aren’t suppose to do this.  Insurance companies claim exclusion by refusing to cover “self-inflicted” injuries.  This makes me wonder if someone with Diabetes who isn’t doing everything they can to manage their glucose levels and ends up in the hospital because their lack of disease management caused them to go into a diabetic coma would also be told that their insurance won’t cover expenses?  After all anyone who has been in the mental health system has likely been told at some point that “Just like a diabetic has to take insulin you will have to take medication for the rest of your life to treat your mental illness”  if that comparison is good enough for explaining why someone with a mental illness needs to take medication, then couldn’t the same argument be applied something like “Just like a diabetic with insurance is covered by insurance if they don’t manage their blood sugar, then a person with a mental illness is covered by insurance if they attempt suicide”?  It could easily be argued that the diabetic not managing their disorder properly set them self up for a “self-inflicted diabetic coma”, but I’m willing to bet insurance would cover the diabetic’s hospital expenses without exclusion, so why not give someone with a mental illness the same coverage?

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