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“Winter Blahs Got You Down? ‘Crowboarding’ Video Can Help”


Just something that made me smile this morning, I found this on the NPR website and it includes a video of a crow with what I think is either a plastic lid or Frisbee


Logo used during 1970s

Logo used during 1970s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


doing something cool 🙂


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“10 Tips to Fool Yourself Into Getting Fit: How to trick yourself into exercising when you’d rather skip it”

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This February 21, 2014 Next Avenue article talks about ways to help overcome our desire to skip exercising on days we don’t feel like doing it.  The tips are actually pretty simple and as I read over them I realized I already do a few of them myself.  The tip about keeping workout videos in plain sight is one I’ve done for a long time, only in my case its my “Wii Fit Plus” and “Walk It Out” games for my Wii that I keep out in plain sight.  I use walking to the store to pickup one or 2 things as an excuse to go for a walk on days I don’t feel like doing it, and as suggested in the tips, I find that if I set a goal of a specific destination to walk that I will get creative and my impulsiveness kicks in and I find myself taking a different route because I’m bored with the usual route (having ADHD can be a benefit sometimes when it comes to walking different routes).  Other things I do, is since I’m huge on using my tablet pc to help keep me on track with appointments, I’ll include reminders on it to go for a walk or have my ride drop me off further from the entrance to a building I need to go into, and even things like reminding myself to drink enough water.  I also will put little notes of encouragement for myself with little things like “If you exercised today, Keep it up!” or asking myself “How far did you walk today?”  simply putting those questions in are helpful to me in reminding myself to exercise.


English: Logo for Wii Fit Plus.

English: Logo for Wii Fit Plus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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