“Stigma of Mental Illness Remains Barrier to Treatment”

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This Health Day article published on the Philly.com website on February 26, 2014 talks about the effects of stigma on the ability of people with mental illnesses to get the help they need.  The article suggests that as many as 75% of people with mental


English: 1857 lithograph by Armand Gautier, sh...

English: 1857 lithograph by Armand Gautier, showing personifications of dementia, megalomania, acute mania, melancholia, idiocy, hallucination, erotic mania and paralysis in the gardens of the Hospice de la Salpêtrière. Reprinted in Madness: A Brief History (ISBN 978-0192802668), from which this version is taken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


illnesses go untreated due to shame or other stigma related reasons for not seeking help.



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